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The question below is a follow-up of this previous question.

I have had someone say that OCX files are good to scan for but with no info about how to look for theese files it leaves me in the dark. Also how do i look for invalid enteries such as guid and sub keys? The task i would like to perform deals with cleaning the registry but have not much more idea about it past the vb functions that allow you to read create and delete registry keys. My problem is how to search for invalid keys or useless sub keys or both that the system is no longer using..... please help or be so nice to provide a solution to help me on my way...
Updated 20-Dec-10 13:42pm

Research! Lot's of research and paying a consulting fee to Microsoft.
Dale 2012 21-Dec-10 15:12pm
well noted......
Yeah, there is little information about this because you need a thorough understanding of COM that only comes from experience and research (like coding your own tests and seeing what happens.) There is just about no documentation on the registry entries themselves, so you have to make your own.

You'll also need to research Win32, starting here[^].

Is there anything in VB that will verify the information?? No, there isn't. You have to code all of this yourself, even down to getting the COM information out of target files using Win32 functions.

By writing this yourself, you'are entering uncharted (and barely documented!) territory. This is where the research skills come in.

On top of that, you're not just looking at COM information in the Registry. There's all kinds of stuff in there. But, what your app supports is up to you and your requirements.
Dale 2012 20-Dec-10 23:46pm
OMG IM SCARED NOW!!!!!...........hahaha thank you and if anyone including yourself can help any further please let me know.

thanks friend

one last question?........How are other companies doing this with so little info anyplace? are they getting their information from aliens or something?.... lol i would suppose not.
You're going to have to do a bunch of research on COM, how COM objects are organized in the registry, why each of those keys and values are there, how they relate to each other (this is the core topic you'll need!), how to follow those keys and verify the files they point to exist AND are of the correct version, ...

It's not as easy as just enumerating a bunch of regsitry keys and values...
Dale 2012 20-Dec-10 17:28pm
There is little information except for that on wikipedia and various others that offer complex information. I need help in understanding some topics such as where these Com objects and OLE entries are located. Would i then be able to say if exists do something or would that not work? Some sample code would be appricated to help me on my way but yet again i know this is a difficult task to simply explain or provide in just a few miniutes as i know it could take weeks or months to get right. Thank you for any extra info you are able to provide
Dale 2012 20-Dec-10 18:27pm
During my exploration of the net I have found an interesting article about OLE/COM viewer.. Is there a function in VB to do this with also? if so how can I call it to compair if files exist or not?

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