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I am looking for a way(code example) to be able to get the microphone input frequency(hertz) almost in real time(timer maybe?) and show it in a label.text. Can be in VB.NET or C#.
Now I have get the sound array by wavein ,but i don't know how to calculate the frequency by fft?
The sound array like this {120,121,132,114,186,220,112,113,121..},
After i get the frequency how to determine the sound source is a man or woman?
Functional exemple:
Somebody say something in the microphone,and determine the sound frequency the lable show "man" or "women" is saying.
Thanks in advance!

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Have a look at this article. i think it will solve your problem
Sound Activated Recorder with Spectrogram in C#[^]

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gmajkun 22-Dec-10 21:11pm    
Thx very much.But i have seen this before,and it is not calculated the frequency of the results I want. It get its max/min frequency. i just need get the real-time frequency like this 120HZ.
yashna0107 19-Aug-20 15:43pm    
Hello, were you able to solve this? If so, then how?
Member 13301275 1-Aug-17 13:48pm    

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