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How to listen port event..?
In which language it is feasible..?(c/c++/java)

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How to generate list of current active ports on the system..?
In which programming language it is feasible..? (c/c++/java).
Updated 24-Dec-10 19:25pm
Dave Kreskowiak 24-Dec-10 1:18am    
What are you talking about? "Port event"?? Are you talking about how you listen on a TCP/IP port and communicate with it?
fjdiewornncalwe 24-Dec-10 12:19pm    
The answer to your question as it is written would be : "Yes"... But that isn't very helpful to you because it isn't complete, which is also the state of your question. Please expand your question with more information as to what you are trying to do so that we can help you along your way. Cheers.

1 solution

Best approach to get active ports from hardware oriented language like c, c++. in c we can make code snippet like

Try QueryDosDevice, e.g.

TCHAR szDevices[65535];
unsigned long dwChars = QueryDosDevice(NULL, szDevices, 65535);
TCHAR *ptr = szDevices;

while (dwChars)
int port;
if (sscanf(ptr, "COM%d", &port) == 1)
// Add to list of com ports
TCHAR *temp_ptr = strchr(ptr, 0);
dwChars -= (DWORD)((temp_ptr - ptr) / sizeof(TCHAR) + 1);
ptr = temp_ptr + 1;
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