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My team is planning to convert our older application to new Enterprise level web application.

So, we are doing some research into the latest web frameworks. For the backend we have selected.Net Core web API with the SQL Server as Database. This layer will remain disconnected with the UI layer, as we are planning to use the same Web API for a mobile app as well.

We wanted to get some expert opinions on the "new" Razor vs. Angular.

What I have tried:

We are particularly more concerned with performance, along with the this also consider Development efforts as we all are new with both the technology.

How does Core 2.0 Razor hold up to client-side rendering frameworks?

Is there any performance difference between both?

Which one is more mature in terms of front development?

Which technology has larger developer community?

Are we able to host both of it, on Linux/Unix server?

Thanks in advance!
Updated 9-Apr-19 1:37am
F-ES Sitecore 9-Apr-19 7:42am    
Razor and Angular are not comparable technologies. Razor is a server-side scripting engine that generates html, angular is a client-side MVCesque framework.

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Angular is the more mature platform, has a lot larger community, and Google is littered with samples to follow. The downside is it is continuously evolving and you may have to alter your code in the future if methods use become deprecated.

Blazor looks like it will out perform most JS framerworks, but has nowhere near the community or samples to work with. While it is a new technology, it's underpinnings are pretty set as the code will be ASP.NET. When the front-end component updates it will mostly be done via the mono.js file or through the SignalR communication to the backend; the ASP.NET code targeting should remain the same.

Either can be implemented on most server platforms as long as the requisite components are installed.
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