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Can any one of you guide me about it.
How me write the code in cpp of this Question.
Make a Client/Server application with the following specifications. In this assignment we will be
developing a file transfer client-server application using UDP sockets. Unlike TCP, UDP has no
mechanism for reliable and in-sequence delivery therefore you have to make this client/server
model to operate over UDP but have mechanism for reliable and in-sequence delivery.
The server will only be able to handle one client at a time (sequential server).
The server must bind on port number 9999.
When the connection is established; client will send a request for a file transfer from the
server, by sending the name of the file.
The client will first send the length of the name of the file to the server in two
It will then send the file name to the server.
If the file is found at the server, the server will send an ACK to the client; else it will send
NACK to the client and will terminate the connection.
If the client receives ACK from the server, it will start waiting for the file data from the
server; else it will terminate its connection with the server.
In case the file is present at the server, the server will start sending file to the client. The
server will continuously send the data to the client till it reaches the end of file.
The client will then start receiving the data of file sent by the UDP server and write
(append) the data in file.
After writing all the data in the file, the client will terminate its connection from the
Make sure you assemble the file correctly and got the file completely. Any text file is
acceptable as transmission.

If anyone of you are write the code in cpp then please send me at my email id: [email removed]
I shall be thankful to you for consideration.
Updated 29-Dec-10 4:32am
fjdiewornncalwe 29-Dec-10 10:14am    
Never post your email address in your post. That will just invite spam.
Second. What have you attempted already. We are here to help you with hiccups along the way, not to write your homework assignments for you.
Dylan Morley 29-Dec-10 10:28am    
Not a question. You're asking someone to write a complete program and send you the code
thatraja 29-Dec-10 10:33am    
Start with your effort & come here when you face any issues. we are here.
Smithers-Jones 29-Dec-10 13:18pm    
reason for my vote of 1: lazy, no effort

You should do your own homework.
Start developing and ask here specific questions whenever you're stuck.
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[no name] 29-Dec-10 10:39am    
There are thousands of samples of this type of code to be found by using a simple bit of initiative. Alternatively you could re-read your study guides and/or lecture notes, and at least make an attempt to start this assignment.
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