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Hi all,

I am developing an application where i have created a web service which interact with SAP server(via biztalk). In web.config file along with the SAP uri i am hardcoding the user name and password.I need to create a single sign on for this web service so that instead of hard coding the userName and password user must be able to sign in and maintain the session.

In other words, whenever web service calls the SAP we must be able to pass the credentials.
Please help me to achieve the same.
Thanks in advance :)
Updated 29-Dec-10 23:00pm
[no name] 30-Dec-10 5:26am
thats easy
Pete O'Hanlon 30-Dec-10 6:07am
jfergulbops. If it's that easy, why don't you astound us with your l33t coding skillz and actually tell the user how to do this? Your comment provides absolutely no value to the user whatsoever.

If you'd just get off your arse and trey using google (" single sign-on"), you'd get 327 THOUSAND hits, among them, this CodeProject article:

Single sign-on across multiple applications in ASP.NET[^]

Kasson 30-Dec-10 5:50am
Good Call John. My 5
shri100 30-Dec-10 6:41am
Hi John,

I have tried this code project article.
my frontend(client consuming web service) will be infopath(not a web site).This infopath calls the web service several times.
As i am new to .net, i have few doubts.

1. can we pass cookies from infopath?
2. do we need to create a login page?
Hope Single Sign on[^] article may help you.
What you are talking about is not strictly speaking single sign on. You are talking about having an authorised user who can be recognised in the other system. Typically, you'd accomplish this using either Active Directory or by using the Windows Identity.

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