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I want to make an openfile dialog without filters or anything (only choosing the file) and writes the director of the file into a textbox or string
Am on VC++ 2010
thanks in advance

textBox1->Text = openFileDialog1->FileName;
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While that example most likely will work fine, it requires .NET and the question was about C++.
If you wouldn't want to use .NET, you could use something like this:

BOOL GetFileName(char *filename,int maxlen)
{	OPENFILENAME ofn = {0};

	ofn.lStructSize  = sizeof(ofn);
	ofn.hInstance    = GetModuleHandle(0);
	ofn.lpstrFile    = filename;
	ofn.nMaxFile     = maxlen;
	ofn.nFilterIndex = 1;
	ofn.lpstrFilter	 = "Any file\0*.*\0\0";
	ofn.lpstrDefExt	 = "*";
	return GetOpenFileName(&ofn);

char filename[MAX_PATH];
	MessageBox(0,"Canceled by user."," ",0);
	// Do what you want to do with your file

Now to extract the path from filename, you could for example use PathRemoveFileSpec[^].
If getting a directory is all you want to do, i.e. if you're not interested in the name of the file, you could also select a directory right away with SHBrowseForFolder[^].
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