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I have a *.lib file that I want to add a *.obj file to. In the past, I used the custom build step feature in MSVC. I build the *.lib then add the additional *.obj file to create an alternate and additional *.lib file.

In the past, I have used the following script in the Custom Build Step command line:
CommandLine="lib /OUT:..\lib\tGenesisi.lib $(IntDir)\ramdll.obj $(TSTUDIO3D)\lib\tgenesis.lib
This would take the tGenesis.lib (build in the current project) and add the ramdll.obj and build a new library file called tGenesisi.lib. BOTH library files would get built.

This technique no longer works with MSVC10. I have been trying all sorts of alternatives for 12 hours straight, including reading everything I can find on the msdn site. If I designate an output file, it is interpreted as an input file and tries to find it... which of course it can't find because I'm trying to BUILD it..If I switch it around, MSVC says that the input file is the same as the output file. I can't get a break.

The rammdll.c file that produces the ramdll.obj is actually PART of the current project but doesn't get linked. It is part of a goofy extern variable scheme in this ancient game engine. It's complicated.

At any rate, I need to get this *obj patched in to my *.lib file. If MSVC won't behave as expected, is there a way I can manually do it with a lib utility, or some other way?


Why is one of those strings using backslashes, and the other (Outputs) using forward slashes?
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Why not use nmake?

MS lib utility is called lib.exe
LIB Reference[^]

Visual Studio allows you to create a "Makefile Project" using the "Add New Project" dialog under the "Visual C++" node.

Here is a small nmake tutorial:[^]

NMAKE Reference[^].

Like MSBuild, nmake is a powerfull build tool, but with an entirely different approach and syntax. It's well worth learning, and quite suitable to your task.

Espen Harlinn
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Thank you for your replies.

I have tried to run nmake from the command line as suggested... without success.
Here is the script in my make file, tGenesisi_lib.mak...
!include <win32.mak>
$(TSTUDIO3D7)\lib\tGenesisi.lib:$(TSTUDIO3D7)\tGenesis3D\ReleaseDLL\ramdll.obj $(TSTUDIO3D7)\lib\tGenesis.lib
$(LINK) -out:$(TSTUDIO3D7)\lib\tGenesisi.lib $(TSTUDIO3D7)\tGenesis3D\ReleaseDLL\ramdll.obj $(TSTUDIO3D7)\lib\tGenesis.lib

My command line input...
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\bin>nmake $(TSTUDIO3D7)\tGenesis3D\tGenesisi_lib.mak

the console output...
Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 10.00.30319.01
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make '$(TSTUDIO3D7)\tGenesis3D\tGenesisi_lib.mak'

My confusion persists because according to msdn docs on this error, nmake cannot find the target -- but that is what I am trying to ... make. So obviously I have something very wrong.
Sorry to appeal here. The msdn help used to have useful examples of code and script. I can't seem to find those examples anymore with MSVS10. Help now at msdn is mostly abstract, with very few examples of implementation.
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Can you run lib manually, from a command interpreter and does it build the library if all the correct doodads are in place?

Secondly can you transplant this command line into a batch file and run that as a custom build step?

If you can't pull either of those things off then the problem's a bit deeper than MSBuild.


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