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I am developing application in VB.Net (dot net framework 4.0) and SQL Server 2008 R2.

Will it work sucessfully on thin client machine ?

Updated 9-Jan-11 12:36pm
Dalek Dave 9-Jan-11 17:35pm
Minor Edit for Grammar.


Yes it will. It depends how which architecture you choose for your application. Usually all the business logic runs remotely on a server and the client only deals with the UI.

Have you considered Smart Client?

Building Smart Client using .NET[^]

Smart client bridges the gap between pure thin client and rich client. Developing smart client applications in using .net is fairly easy.

Henry Minute 9-Jan-11 17:21pm
Good answer.
Dalek Dave 9-Jan-11 17:36pm
Good Call.
If you are willing to switch environments, you could also take a look at Delphi[^].

With delphi you will often be able to deploy your application as a single executable. DevExpress VCL Controls[^] and RemObjects DataAbstract[^] are suites that complements each other, and allows you to create powerful applications with a minimum of effort.

It's an alternative, and to be able to deploy your solution as single executable without requiring .net, ocx'es, is often a compelling reason to at least evaluate this development environment.

It's just a thought...

Espen Harlinn
Dear valery possoz and Espen Harlinn
Thanks for your reply.
To reduce the cost of Hardware at client I plan to use Thin Client machine (without some hardwares like HDD)


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