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Hi all,
i have written one Stored Procdure which has two paramters. One is custnumber(input parameter) another one is xmloutput parameter(outputparameter).While passing custid its creating xmloutput result.To generate xmloutput i have written:
FOR XML PATH('Customer'), ROOT('doc').
While running this Stored Procdure from backend i am getting the correct result in xml format.

Now i want to call this Stored Procedure from DAL layer return the Stored Procedure result should be in Dataset(i mean there will be a method whose return type will be dataset). And while i will call this dataset return type method from presentation layer want to display in gridview: how can i do this????pls help with sample coding.
Updated 9-Jan-11 20:01pm

This should help you out:
ADO.NET Overview[^]
Using Dataset in ADO.NET[^]

Using ADO.NET, get data in a dataset. Once you have dataset, pass that back to UI layer where you can bind it to the datagrid.

While fetching data, instead of query you would be using stored procedure. For that, commandType would be SP.

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check out the below article to get that to dataset as you said.

Convert XML to Strongly Typed DataSets[^]

In your SP,have a refcursor something like below & get the xml column selected into the ref cursor.


o_output OUT PKG_XXX.g_refcur

OPEN o_output FOR
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