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<asp:CheckBoxList ID="ChkNumber" runat="server" RepeatDirection="Horizontal" SelectedValue='<%# Eval("Number") %>'>
<asp:ListItem Value="A">A
<asp:ListItem Value="B">B
<asp:ListItem Value="C">C
<asp:ListItem Value="D">D
<asp:ListItem Value="E">E
<asp:ListItem Value="F">F
<asp:ListItem Value="G">G

I have added this in my design page but when I select two or three items in checkboxlist only the first selected checkbox item is saved in grid. can any one help me in this problem
what shall i do to get the all value been stored in grid.
Updated 9-Jan-11 21:20pm
m@dhu 10-Jan-11 3:22am    
Can you show the code how are you adding items to grid?

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Sandeep Mewara 10-Jan-11 4:28am    
Nice link!
Anupama Roy 10-Jan-11 4:29am    
Thanks Sandeep!
Venkatesh Mookkan 10-Jan-11 5:35am    
Good Answer
Anupama Roy 10-Jan-11 13:02pm    
Thanks Venkatesh.
The Item is not actually stored into grid it's stored into DB. Grid is just a UI part to display it.

Are you sure you are saving all checked value of CheckBox in DB and further making effort to check multiple <code>Checkbox among CheckedBoxList to display all the checked box ?

I am sure you are misunderstanding some thing regarding. Sharing a saving code further can solve a problem and provide little hint towards.

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