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I Need to create a control using textbox & ListView
it will being a multicoloumn textbox..
u can see the example at this pic[^]

the listview will expand when the textbox is get keypress event
and will hide when pressing enter button.. or by clicking
selected item in the listview row...
if you have any idea about that..please teach me how to make it

Thx for coming and reading
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Jan-11 23:43pm
Sounds like a draft proposal. Approved. Go ahead. :-)

So where is the problem or the question?
This may help you.

Multi Column ComboBox[^]

Also,we have lot of code articles on CP.Take a look at these too.Hope these help you to create one of your own.[^]
SunLucDong 11-Jan-11 7:53am
the question is how to make that's control using textbox...
not a combobox...
Anupama Roy 11-Jan-11 8:59am
I agree that it talks about a textbox.ComboBox is a combination of TextBox,ListBox & Button from code perspective .Similar but slightly different controls from a user's perspective.User is trying to have all three separated & I was just suggesting a combination of all.

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