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Hello ALL,

I have a structure in C as follow:
Static struct{
              int  aaa;
              char bbb;
              int  ccc;
              char ddd;

and I set value for it as below:

So I set value for form is correct or not?
I need your answer as soon as possible!

Updated 19-Jan-11 22:57pm
justinonday 12-Jan-11 23:07pm    
Arrays of structure starts with Zero....

Actually your code is not correct, but I will leave it to you to look up what zero-based indexing is and you will understand what is wrong.
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HimanshuJoshi 12-Jan-11 23:05pm    
Thanks Marcus, I should have paid more attention.
Dalek Dave 13-Jan-11 3:43am    
Making the poor bugger work? :)
Espen Harlinn 17-Jan-11 13:57pm    
5+ Instructive answer :)
Besides the indexing mistake, something else is wrong too.
The proposed method of initialising a structure can be used only in the declaration, not afterward.

So this would be fine:
static struct{
    int  aaa;
    char bbb;
    int  ccc;
    char ddd;
}form[2] = {8,'a',6,'b',9,'s',5,'v'};

But to modify it later, you would have to do it like this:
form[1].aaa =  9;
form[1].bbb = 's';
form[1].ccc =  5;
form[1].ddd = 'v';
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fjdiewornncalwe 13-Jan-11 9:30am    
Good catch... That didn't hit me last night.
The answer is Yes No; If you have access to a computer and a c compiler, then you should figure this out yourself.
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fjdiewornncalwe 12-Jan-11 22:56pm    
Zero based indexing, Himanshu... :) I'm leaving it up to the OP to search up on that to see the error in his ways.

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