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why there is a difference between MEM Usage and VM Size in windows task manager

for some process MEM Usage > VM Size
and for other MEM Usage < VM Size

The number in the Mem Usage column is the size of the working set of the process i.e., the number of pages currently residing in RAM for that process * page size.

VM Size refers to the private virtual memory currently used up by the process.

The numbers can be different because that's how virtual memory works - the OS doesn't need to keep all of process's address space in RAM. Typically, minimizing a Windows GUI application causes the OS to trim the working set.
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Ashish Tyagi 40 15-Jan-11 4:12am    
Hey Senthil I give you 4 votes for your try.... but what the Task Manager means by Mem Usage colomn and if it is Pages on RAM for current process.... or Commit memory in VM address space
S. Senthil Kumar 15-Jan-11 7:56am    
I thought the answer was clear on that. Mem Usage is the pages on RAM for that process, multiplied by the page size.
Ashish Tyagi 40 8-May-14 7:34am    
Windows Memory Management[^]

(found this with google)
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 14-Jan-11 11:18am    
"Google is your friend" -- indeed. Useful reference -- a 5.
Ashish Tyagi 40 14-Jan-11 11:25am    
I found this page before you found it.... and read it fully... and found no solution... that's why a put my question... friend
#realJSOP 14-Jan-11 14:32pm    
Well, you didn't mention that in your question, now did you? Voting my answer a 1 because you didn't provide enough info is bogus, and you should vote it back up again.
Ashish Tyagi 40 15-Jan-11 4:03am    
Hey John Simmons / outlaw programmer I wasn't down-voted you friend. Well now i give you a 5 but my ques still unanswered...

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