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I am getting one error in code below. Please help.

System.FormatException: Failed to convert parameter value from a String to a Int32

Public Sub AddGrid()
        For count As Integer = 0 To GD_Prod.Items.Count - 1
            'getting the bound fields values 

            Dim str0 As String = GD_Prod.Items(count).Cells(0).Text
            Dim str1 As String = GD_Prod.Items(count).Cells(1).Text
            Dim str2 As String = GD_Prod.Items(count).Cells(2).Text
            Dim str5 As String = GD_Prod.Items(count).Cells(5).Text
            Dim str13 As String = GD_Prod.Items(count).Cells(13).Text
            Dim str14 As String = GD_Prod.Items(count).Cells(14).Text
            'getting the template fields value   
            Dim tx3 As TextBox = DirectCast(GD_Prod.Items(count).FindControl("TxtSTUPort"), TextBox)
            Dim tx4 As TextBox = DirectCast(GD_Prod.Items(count).FindControl("TxtAAPort"), TextBox)
            Dim tx6 As TextBox = DirectCast(GD_Prod.Items(count).FindControl("TxtFPort"), TextBox)
            Dim tx7 As TextBox = DirectCast(GD_Prod.Items(count).FindControl("TxtQoFUsed"), TextBox)
            Dim tx8 As TextBox = DirectCast(GD_Prod.Items(count).FindControl("TxtPPort"), TextBox)
            Dim tx9 As TextBox = DirectCast(GD_Prod.Items(count).FindControl("TxtLOPort"), TextBox)
            Dim tx10 As TextBox = DirectCast(GD_Prod.Items(count).FindControl("TxtBFPort"), TextBox)
            Dim tx11 As DropDownList = DirectCast(GD_Prod.Items(count).FindControl("ddlLOCode"), DropDownList)
            Dim tx12 As TextBox = DirectCast(GD_Prod.Items(count).FindControl("TxtTSPort"), TextBox)

            'Dim tx15 As Label = DirectCast(FindControl("lblPKey"), Label)
            'Dim str15 As String = (lblPKey.Text)
            Dim strkey As String = Session("key").ToString

            'inserting the template values 
            Dim str3 As String = (tx3.Text)
            Dim str4 As String = (tx4.Text)
            Dim str6 As String = (tx6.Text)
            Dim str7 As String = (tx7.Text)
            Dim str8 As String = (tx8.Text)
            Dim str9 As String = (tx9.Text)
            Dim str10 As String = (tx10.Text)
            Dim str11 As String = (tx11.SelectedValue.ToString)
            Dim str12 As String = (tx12.Text)

            Dim con As New SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("FNConnectionString").ConnectionString)
            Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("P_FN_PR_InsertGridData", con)
            cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@Pkey", SqlDbType.Char).Value = strkey
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@PL_Recipe_Number", SqlDbType.Char).Value = str0
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@PL_Recipe_Name", SqlDbType.Char).Value = str1
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@PL_Portion_Size", SqlDbType.Char).Value = str2
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@PL_Student_Portions_Planned", SqlDbType.Int).Value = str3
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@PL_Adults_ALC__Portions_Planned", SqlDbType.Int).Value = str4
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@PL_Total__Portions_Planned", SqlDbType.Int).Value = str5
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@PL_Factor_Portions", SqlDbType.Char).Value = str6
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@DOC_Quantity_Of_Food_Used", SqlDbType.Char).Value = str7
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@DOC_Portions_Prepared ", SqlDbType.Int).Value = str8
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@DOC_Portions_Brought_Forward ", SqlDbType.Int).Value = str9
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@DOC_Portions_Leftover", SqlDbType.Int).Value = str10
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@DOC_Leftover_Code", SqlDbType.Char).Value = str11
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@DOC_Total_Portions_Served", SqlDbType.Int).Value = str12
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@DOC_Portions_Served_Students", SqlDbType.Int).Value = str13
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@DOC_Portions_Served_Adults_ALC", SqlDbType.Int).Value = str14
            Dim rows As Integer = cmd.ExecuteNonQuery
            If rows = 1 Then
            End If
    End Sub

My Stored Proc is :

	@Pkey char(15),
	@PL_Recipe_Number char(4),
	@PL_Recipe_Name char(20),
	@PL_Portion_Size char(6),
	@PL_Student_Portions_Planned int,
	@PL_Adults_ALC__Portions_Planned int,
	@PL_Total__Portions_Planned int,
	@PL_Factor_Portions char(10),
	@DOC_Quantity_Of_Food_Used char(10),
	@DOC_Portions_Prepared int,
	@DOC_Portions_Brought_Forward int,
	@DOC_Portions_Leftover int,
	@DOC_Leftover_Code char(3),
	@DOC_Total_Portions_Served int,
	@DOC_Portions_Served_Students int,
	@DOC_Portions_Served_Adults_ALC int
INSERT INTO FNProdRecDetails (Date_Loc_Type, PL_Recipe_Number, PL_Recipe_Name, PL_Portion_Size, PL_Student_Portions_Planned, PL_Adults_ALC__Portions_Planned, 
PL_Total__Portions_Planned, PL_Factor_Portions, DOC_Quantity_Of_Food_Used, DOC_Portions_Prepared, DOC_Portions_Brought_Forward, DOC_Portions_Leftover,
DOC_Leftover_Code, DOC_Total_Portions_Served, DOC_Portions_Served_Students, DOC_Portions_Served_Adults_ALC)

VALUES (@Pkey , @PL_Recipe_Number, @PL_Recipe_Name, @PL_Portion_Size, @PL_Student_Portions_Planned, @PL_Adults_ALC__Portions_Planned,
@PL_Total__Portions_Planned, @PL_Factor_Portions, @DOC_Quantity_Of_Food_Used, @DOC_Portions_Prepared, @DOC_Portions_Brought_Forward, @DOC_Portions_Leftover,
@DOC_Leftover_Code, @DOC_Total_Portions_Served, @DOC_Portions_Served_Students, @DOC_Portions_Served_Adults_ALC)
Posted 14-Jan-11 5:34am
Updated 14-Jan-11 5:36am
Estys 14-Jan-11 11:37am
added <pre> tags. please use them if you post.
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Solution 1

You can always use the various TryParse methods to ensure that the strings matches the expected format during conversion.

Espen Harlinn
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Solution 2

The reason you're getting that error has to do with the conversion of a string that is not properly formatted into an Integer. If you have non-numeric characters in one of those textboxes, you'll get this error. You can also get the error is the textbox is blank.

This is why you have to VALIDATE ALL USER INPUT before you try and use whats there. Right now, the user has the ability to break your app if he/she types the wrong character in a textbox.

Bottom line, you don't pass a string (even if it LOOKS like a number) to a parameter that is declared Int.

You've declared all of the values you are passing to your parameter objects as strings (str##). You cannot do that with number parameter types (SqlDbType.Int).
Rohit.Net100 18-Jan-11 12:39pm
How to validate user input and allow textbox with empty values.
Dave Kreskowiak 18-Jan-11 19:06pm
By testing all the textbox values for a correctly formatted number within the ranges allowed. For example, what would a blank textbox value mean? 0, Nothing, or some other value??

This isn't rocket science. It's just testing values for validty before you use them.
Rohit.Net100 18-Jan-11 20:26pm
thanks dave

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