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Is there any way to programmatically call and host the default property dialog for a file and/or for a service ? So far I haven't found anything related but I'm pretty sure that there has to be a way; at least using some Win32 API calls.

As answers start to appear i found that display the default file property dialog is doable and pretty easy, but, on the other hand i did not explain the service property dialog part properly.

What i want to be able to programmatically open is the default dialog you get when you double click a service or when you go to properties of a service in the services management console (aka services.msc) .
Updated 18-Jan-11 5:37am
Espen Harlinn 18-Jan-11 11:10am    
Good question
Nish Nishant 18-Jan-11 11:16am    
Agree, got my 5 too.
Nuri Ismail 18-Jan-11 11:27am    
Yes, your question is interesting but you should elaborate a little about this service property dialog. Is this the dialog displayed from context menu of each item (service) in "services.msc" management console?

One easy way to show file/folder properties is via ShellExecute. See:

A newbie's elementary guide to spawning processes[^]

Scroll down a bit to see how this is done.

Not sure what you mean by property dialog for a service though.
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Nuri Ismail 18-Jan-11 11:22am    
Good link to your useful article Nish! +5
Nish Nishant 18-Jan-11 11:25am    
Thanks :-)
creizlein 18-Jan-11 11:35am    
By Service Property dialog i mean the default dialog you get when you double click a service from the services.msc console, where you can view/change the properties of the service.
Nish Nishant 18-Jan-11 11:39am    
I believe that's a child dialog of the services control panel applet. Not sure if it's exposed via a command line call to the applet. But probably worth researching.
In addition to Nish's answer here[^] is a C# example of using ShellExecute to display a file property dialog. :)
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Nish Nishant 18-Jan-11 11:25am    
Voted 5, for the P/Invoke stuff. Forgot that the OP wanted a C# solution.
Nuri Ismail 18-Jan-11 11:27am    
Thank you very much. :)
Here is an example opening, among other things, the properties dialog:
C# does Shell, Part 2[^] using ShellExecute. Actually part of a very nice series by Arik Poznanski

Doing this for a service though ... that's the interesting part of this question :)

Espen Harlinn
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