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I have a string called str="4,5,6",
i want to assign those values to an array
i.e in the array the first element is 4,
second is 5, etc,,
here i gave 3 values but actually i dont know how many values it have in string,
is it possible to assign that string to an array,
if u know help me,
in my app that is need.
Updated 18-Jan-11 23:40pm

string str = "4,5,6";
string[] strings = str.Split(',');

or if you want it as int[]:
string str = "4,5,6";
string[] strings = str.Split(',');
int[] ints = new int[strings.Length];
for(int i = 0; i < strings.Length; i++)
  Int32.TryParse(strings[i], out ints[i]);
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#realJSOP 19-Jan-11 5:50am    
This is the first instance of the correct answer.
Hiren solanki 19-Jan-11 5:57am    
very good answer among all.
honey4bee 19-Jan-11 6:52am    
thank u,,, goog answer this
thatraja 19-Jan-11 9:58am    
Awesome answer Jens
There's method for that :

string[] s = "4,5,6".Split(',');

to int array :

int[] ints = s.Select(x => int.Parse(x)).ToArray();

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Dim str as string="4,5,6"

Dim arr() As String = str.ToString.Split(",")

Now, using for loop you can add this data in any datatable, dataset or as per your requirement.

For Eg. to add this data in Listbox

For i As Integer = 0 To arr.Length - 1
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Also check string functions[^]
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Have a look at String.Split[^] method. Once you have the substrings you may easily convert them to numbers.
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