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I am using xml file and reading that xml file using dataset.readxml function where I am getting all table wise tag
but right now my problem is I want to iterate forloop to check first table/tag if that matched then again i want to get that table and again iterate and match the other value.
e.g. if xml contains tag name 'component' at 6th row of table list I want to get that and again iterate for other information. Now in component i want to check class with my input parameter value if match then i want to go further like that.

for (int i = 0; i < CompXMLDataSet.Tables.Count; i++)
               DataTable DT = CompXMLDataSet.Tables[i];
               string TagName = DT.TableName.ToString();
               //if (TagName == "COMPONENT")
               if (TagName == "COMPONENT")
                   for (int j = 0; j < DT.Rows.Count; j++)
                       if (DT.Rows[j]["name"].ToString() == classname)
                           string Componentid = DT.Rows[j]["Component_id"].ToString();
                           for (int ii = 0; ii < CompXMLDataSet.Tables.Count; ii++)
                               DT = CompXMLDataSet.Tables[ii];
                               TagName = DT.TableName.ToString();
                               if (TagName == "VAR")
                                   DataRow[] dtrow = DT.Select("Component_id=" + Componentid);
                                   for (int k = 0; k < dtrow.Length; k++)
                                       if (Convert.ToInt32(dtrow.ElementAt(k)["vid"]) == cid)
                                           ParType = GetParType(dtrow.ElementAt(k)["type"].ToString());
                                           return ParType;
                               }// if loop for TagName=="VAR"
                       }// if loop to check class name
                   } // For loop
               } //if loop for TagName=="COMPONENT"

here cid and classname are my parameter passed to this method which will change according.

I want to reduce the execution time.

Is there any easy way to reduce the time. can we write any linq query for above?


1 solution

You can use Linq something like this

from e in xmlDoc.Descendents("components")
where e.Elements("name") == somevalue


Not complete but is should give you a start
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