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Have some .xml files. With identical structure:

    <metod name="New" />
    <metod name="Delete" />
    <consumer name="Alex" surname="Smith" />
    <consumer name="Matthew" surname="MacDonald" />

Distinctions in values of attributes
WPF Application load .xml and should look so:
Henry Minute 21-Jan-11 11:07am    
I am not sure if you will get a new notification so this is to let you know that I have modified my answer.

And your question is what?

In what way are we expected to assist you?

You obviously have access to the MVVM samples, so you have the beginnings of your application.
The next step should be to search on the internet for DataBinding to xml data in WPF. When you find something that you can understand try to implement it and then ask again here with any specific problems that you encounter. Remember to include any error messages and snippets of the problem code.

A search phrase such as wpf mvvm databinding xml should get you lots of useful information. Remember to read the ones where people have encountered problems as well as these are often as instructive as the 'tutorial' type articles.

There are also several good articles on this subject here on The Code Project (use the Articles|Search menu at the top of the page).
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Nish Nishant 21-Jan-11 10:52am    
The unsaid implication is that you, yes you Henry, should write the entire app, zip it up, document it, and publish it somewhere. :-)
Henry Minute 21-Jan-11 10:53am    
Silly me.

How could I have missed that?
MaxMelnikov 21-Jan-11 10:55am    
Please, help me writing of a code of the WPF App.
Yes, as Henry noted there's no question in there. I presume you missed the 'can you help me please' bit out.

Create your screen and get it looking right in XAML and then bind either to the XML you've got, or an object graph representing it.
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We're not going to do your work for you. If you have a question about something you've actually tried to do, we might be able to help, but coding from scratch? For You? For Free? Not gonna happen, Sparky.
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