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Hi friends ,

How are you ?! i hope every body are fine.

Finally , I've been finished my graduation project

and this is my first program i want to deploy i know how \\from the project setting\\

but when I've finished the deploying and run the setup the program skin not appear

and the sound that I've add it i can not hear it

and appeared a message saying \\ the sound files not exist \\ that I've added to

the resources.

can you help for more steps..?

thanks in advance..

Adding to what CG said above:

1) Are the image/audio files loose files that are not embedded into the binary? If so you need to distribute those too.

2) You must not use hardcoded path to access external resources (like the image/audio files). You need to use relative paths. And at runtime you need to figure out the correct path based on the location the exe runs out of.

3) If you embed resources, it's a little easier since you don't have to worry about deploying the external resources, and need not worry about paths, and possible deletions.
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lolinalo 22-Jan-11 15:19pm    
I've embed resources
Nish Nishant 22-Jan-11 15:25pm    
Well you may have done that but your code may not be using those directly and may be looking for loose files. Can you show the code where you access and use these resources?
lolinalo 22-Jan-11 17:12pm    
maybe i have to use program to deploy like Setup factory
when i am using sounds or image i have written in the path (application.startuppath +\file name)
Thank you NS
Nish Nishant 22-Jan-11 18:15pm    
Okay, this is a little confusing, because you said above that you use embedded resources, but now what you say above indicates that you don't.

Anyway if you don't want to use a setup tool, just zip up all the files and distribute the zip.
Sounds like you did not deploy those files, or put them in the right place. If you've finished a course, and written this app, surely you realise that we can't help you without you telling us things like why you expect these files to be there, and if they are in fact deployed at all by your msi ?
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lolinalo 22-Jan-11 13:40pm    
this is the first deploy .. what i know about deployment is very little i am asking for help ?

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