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Hello gyus!
I am using sqldump to take backup of my sql database using code bellow:
where final path = destination path and name
String cmd = "mysqldump -u"+databaseUserName+" "+"-p"+databasePassword
                       +" "+databaseName+" "+"-r"+finalPath+".sql";
               Process run = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmd);
               int complete = run.waitFor();
               if (complete == 0)//return zero if sucess full
                   //if process is sucess full
                         statuse_lbl.setText("Opration Successfull...!");
               } else {
                    String completeTime =dateFormat.format(calender.getTime());
                    //if process is not sucessfull
                     do something 

Now problem is that when i take backup on partition C:\ or E:\ it is successful, But when i try to take backup on further directory i-e C:\backup or C:\someFolder or E:\someFolder Then it fails.

Please help me to solve this problem.
Updated 23-Jan-11 21:40pm
Estys 24-Jan-11 3:41am    
Are you sure your pathname is valid?
THEASCII 24-Jan-11 6:09am    
yes path Name is valid
THEASCII 24-Jan-11 6:12am    
actually i get the path name by a file chooser from the user( i am using netbeans)
Richard MacCutchan 24-Jan-11 4:50am    
What fails? Do you get an error message or an exception, and if so from which application, yours or the database engine?
THEASCII 24-Jan-11 6:10am    
the process of creation backup fails i-e no backup is created and i think it is from database Engine!

What type of error u are getting please mention.

Do one thing put all that block of code in try...catch block and see the error
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Have you tried to print out the command-String and see whether it runs if you just paste it in a console and start it? My guess would be that some chars (eg. "\") might have to be escaped on the console...

Cheers, Arndt
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THEASCII 4-Mar-11 9:07am    
Thanks bro! i have solved this problem. but it was not the case.anyway thanks for your kind info!

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