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I've searched everywhere Google points me to and I'm still having trouble.
I can send a message to a textbox to scroll its contents after moving the scrollbar with setScrollPos.
This is done with PostMessage and posting the WM_VSCROLL message (which is an int of 277).

My problem is that this does not work for a listview. Suggestions were to use LVM_SCROLL.
I've searched for how to implement this message or just the constant int to pass, but had no luck.

Any help would be appreciated!
Updated 25-Jan-11 3:02am

XtErMiNaToR102 wrote:
I've searched for how to implement the message or just the constant int to pass, but no luck

You may also use the ListView_Scroll macro[^]. It looks straightforward and well documented.
XtErMiNaToR102 25-Jan-11 8:20am
Forgive my stupid question, but how exactly do I implement it? I'm fairly new to C# and do not yet know all the tricks. Thanks in advance!
CPallini 25-Jan-11 8:30am
So the C# tag wasn't a mistake. Why aren't you using Windows Forms? Anyway I suppose you cannot use the macro from C#, you've to use SendMessage instead.
XtErMiNaToR102 25-Jan-11 8:58am
I am using winForms and PostMessage API call, but the LVM_SCROLL message doesn't work. The listView receives the message but ignores it.
Solved it.

I had to use SendMessage API with LVM_SCROLL. It scrolls the ListView by the amount of pixels specified.


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