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Hi Team,

I am facing an issue while packaging/publishing the Azure Cloud Projects.

Basically,We have implemented a daily build framwework (in WWF) in which all solutions/projects will be built and we get the bits in the droplocation.

When we queue a build definition for building an Azure solution,it is building and we are getting all the Dlls in the droplocation.This is fine.But,for Azure projects we need to publish them to get the .cspkg,.cscfg files which will be used for the deployment.

Lets say, when we publish a cloud project A.ccproj,we are getting A.cspkg,ServiceConfiguration.cscfg files in the "Publish" folder of the drop location.

But here,the problem comes with when there are multiple cloud projects in the solution.

When we are building such solution,we are getting the .cspkg file for each project,but we are getting only one ServiceConfiguration.cscfg file.The issue is,each tilme the serviceconfiguration.cscfg file is getting overridden.

How can I get each ServiceConfiguration per project without overriding the existing ServiceConfiguration file.?

Can we pass any MSBuildArguemets while queuing or Can we change any properties in the .ccproj file to get each ServiceConfiguration file separately?

Your inputs/help is really appreciated.

Updated 30-Jan-11 7:00am

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Basically you can't change the file name. ServiceConfiguraton.cscfg is like the App.config file for a Windows app. It will be created as appname.exe.config each time you compile the project.
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