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I cant connect to MS SQL MANAGEMENT STUDIO EXPRESS in my pc. error 10061.
When I start to run the SQL in SQL SERVER CONFIGURSTION MANAGER, it does
not start.
try starting it in services.msc in run but it still cant start.
I also try to start it in CMD but it doesnt work.
any help?

The OP added as an answer:
"if somebody can fix my sql, you could access me in team viewer"

The OP also added as an answer:
"you can view me on team viewer,
id: [deleted]

Firstly, don't post answers to your own question, unless it solves the problem. The more answers a question has, the less likely new people are to look at it. I have moved your answers into your question, and deleted them.
Secondly, never post your contact details to any public forum. Unless, of course you really like spam...
- OriginalGriff[/edit]
Updated 1-Feb-11 9:12am
jim lahey 1-Feb-11 3:03am    
my suggestion is to provide us with information from the event log and try googling the error code

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10061 is "Socket Error 10061: The attempt to connect was forcefully rejected." (I love the forcefully bit).

What it means is that either SQL Server is not installed (or is not running) on the destination pc, or there may be a fire wall problem on your PC or the destination.

Check out MSDN[^] and see if that helps you resolve it.
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