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What is the difference between these declarations?
static int Number=10;

int Number=10;
Updated 1-Feb-11 19:39pm
JF2015 2-Feb-11 0:39am    
Fixed code formatting.
shakil0304003 2-Feb-11 4:28am    
Use google 1st!!!

1 solution

First declaration is static. This is just one physical object in the whole application domain.
If it is declared in some class; and the class has many instances, this field will be only one, accessible from any instance of a class itself. Same thing about structure.

Second declaration can mean different things. If can be a local variable, then it only exist on stack, accessible only withing the method where the variable is declared.

It also can mean instance variable of the class or a structure. If you created two instances of the same class or structure, there will be two different physical instances of Number. One instance can have Number==2, another one — Number==132, for example.

Let's see:
class MyClass {
    internal MyClass(int number) {
        this.Number = number;
        StaticNumber = number * 2;
    int Number;
    internal static int StaticNumber;
MyClass first = new MyClass(1);
MyClass copy = first;
MyClass second = new MyClass(2);

//now copy.Number == 1, because class is reference type
//first.Number == 1;
//second.Number == 2;
//MyClass.Number == 4, because it was done so by the last assignment

For future: please read C# manual before asking questions like that (and also — before programming :-) ). There is no sense to try before you learn such most basic things.

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JF2015 2-Feb-11 0:39am    
Good answer.
Christy A C 2-Feb-11 0:50am    
ok thanks
Pravin Patil, Mumbai 2-Feb-11 0:51am    
Nice answer.
Rahul Jain, Serious Coder 2-Feb-11 1:01am    
Great answer.

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