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I have a Silverlight Window which has a ComboBox with a set of other fields.
I set the DataContext of the Window from the Silverlight Page.
all the Fields are mapped correctly, except for the ComboBox Column.
It always displays the First item in the ComboBox and not the SelectedItem.
I tried to set the ComboBox selectedvalue selected item and nothing seem to work.

Following is the code that i have written.
<ComboBox Name="cmbCodeParts"
     ItemsSource="{Binding ElementName=tblRecipe_CodePartsTypeDomainDataSource, Path=Data}"
     SelectedValue="{Binding codePartsTypeID,Mode=TwoWay}"/>

I have loaded the DomainDataSource for the combobox in the dataform content loaded event.

Does anybody have a good working sample of this? I would appreciate help correcting my code for any errors.
Updated 7-Feb-11 14:23pm

Learning_abc wrote:
SelectedValue="{Binding codePartsTypeID,Mode=TwoWay}"/>

Does it your DataContext has codePartsTypeID as property?

You can add some debug converters to check it you get value (other than null). You have to check your Output Window too as all the Binding Errors are thrown there.

For Debugging DataBinding, you can read Debugging Trick in XAML DataBinding[^]

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Hi Venkatesh Mookkan,

Yes the DataContext has the codePartsTypeID property.
I added the Converter and i get no error message.
I don't understand what is wrong?
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