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Can any one brief or explain about what is WCF & WPF and use of it?

Thanks in advance
Prerak Patel 8-Feb-11 8:49am    
Hey, is it a repost?!
ursmarter 8-Feb-11 8:56am    
Yes, I thought of add as a two separate post, but i miss to delete in previous post.... I will delete is right away....



WPF = Windows Presentation Foundation.
WPF is the latest in desktop app development in .Net. It features markup based layout much like The markup language is XAML. It provides a new way to develop desktop applications keeping UI and logic separate.
Check out for details on WPF.

WCF = Window Communication Services
WCF is used to communicate between different applications with stuff like services. It is much like web services, but is much more robust and configuration enabled. WCF web services can be configured to act like asmx webservices, or use json or something else. Anything that represents a service can benefit from WCF, such as web services, windows services etc.
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ursmarter 8-Feb-11 8:50am    
Hi patel

Thank you for your valuable information. I want to more details on this... I have searched on net, but i was not able to get it.
Prerak Patel 8-Feb-11 8:53am    
You are welcome.
You need to learn it by reading all those results and summarizing the points.
ursmarter 8-Feb-11 8:54am    
ok.. thank you once again...
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Feb-11 17:09pm    
I vote 5, but OP needs different attitude.
Based on the last question of yours that I answered, if your upcoming interview mentioned WCF and WPF, you should probably look for work elsewhere. By the looks of things, you don't even have the mental chops to use google on your own.
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Feb-11 16:47pm    
I was thinking, whatever I answer, it would be silly.
What you say is the key. 5.

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