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Hi Frnds,
i need to develop a multi language project. i mean, if we select English then total project is convert to English, like French then totally convert to French.

Please give some idea for this! and if you have any link for this, please send me!

i know,it is possible, and we have to use ini file for this or stored in sql server our project detail i mean every forms, labels,buttons names are stored with our local language. after wards when we run our project that time retrive from out server..

But i don't know this is correct solution or not. So Please Give Some Detail.
Please its very urgent for me..

help mee

1 solution

All this technology is well presented in .NET. You created all resources in English, not using a single string constant for UI, all in resources. It provides Globalization:[^],[^],[^]. Later, you can add resources for other languages without re-touching original project, is special localization projects. The localized resource should be compiled in Satellite Assemblies:[^]. They work using fallback process:[^]; the satellite assembly with the culture closest the the required culture is found automatically.

Final presentation of the application now is reduced to selection of required culture, which can be done automatically and dynamically, during run-time. Another option is to select culture in application configuration file and allow the user to edit it. See System.Threading.Thread.CurrentCulture and System.Threading.Thread.CurrentUiCulture.

Note: .NET application (thread) culture does not depend on system locale and can be changed at any time (of course the fonts should be able to render required Unicode code-point subset).

Important practical point is flexible UI design, not depending on text metrics in different languages. It may take serious experience.

There are more to it: date/time, currency, numeric formats: all these presentation aspects may be required to be culture-dependent, so they should be formatted using current culture.

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Abhinav S 9-Feb-11 1:26am    
5. All links have been included in one post. ;)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Feb-11 1:27am    
Thank you very much, Abhinav.
As I say, there is more to it. All other links can be "bootstrapped" from this starting point.
[no name] 9-Feb-11 1:30am    
Good Call My 5 too.
sat80890 10-Feb-11 0:52am    
Thank You very much
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Feb-11 13:16pm    
You're welcome!
Thank you for accepting my answer.
Good luck and call again,

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