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I am trying to Host web application with normal textboxes and lables.
What i want to do is if i host web application from this machine another machine should be able to open that web application via LAN that's done now.

Now there's two machine : host machine which actually hosted this web application. and slave machine: which is trying to access this web application via LAN.

my webpage has various settings let's say different text boxes and save changes button. now if slave machine clicks save changes in web application i want to create new xml,word,txt or any format file in the host machine and save all those new values or any changes in host machine.Also, send a windows message or notify host machine that there's been some changes made in web application so please update your application or something similar like that.

Updated 9-Feb-11 3:14am

Hosting a web page (including Silverlight) requires a web server (usually IIS when you're talking about .Net, but Apache can be used as well), even if you're just on a LAN.

Clients can't usually change a web site/app so the rest of your question doesn't make any sense.
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The Silverlight portion will be running on the client (or to use your word, the slave machine). If you want to save data on the server, Silverlight can either use a WCF service or your web-app can have an ASP.NET backend that will do that.
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Saving to the database is easy. Have a WCF service that you talk to.
Allowing all clients to know that there has been a change in the database is trickier.

You need to implement a notification mechanism using duplex mechanism calls[^] or sockets.
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