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I have a dialog in which i have created 2 controls programatically.

GetDlgItem either for the dialog or for the controls returns NULL and hence the exception.

Please guide how to correct this.


GetDlgItem(ID_STATIC_MULTI)-> MoveWindow(5,5,width,length);

ID_STATIC_MULTI is found in foll places:
1) .rc
2) .h
3) .cpp
Updated 9-Feb-11 6:04am
CPallini 9-Feb-11 9:49am
Code, Watson, we need actual code!
Nish Nishant 9-Feb-11 10:09am
Updated my answer...

1 solution

You are probably call GetDlgItem with the wrong control identifiers. Post some code so that can be verified.

Okay, based on your code, it seems you do have that identifier defined, but that does not mean you create your controls using that id. Show the code where you create the child controls.
Sudhansangeetha 9-Feb-11 13:14pm
ID_STATIC_MULTI is the control created manually on the form.
Nish Nishant 9-Feb-11 14:59pm
Once again, you need to show your actual code. Else people will not be able to figure out what you are doing wrong.

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