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anybody knows how to create mobile application using Netbean IDA 6.9.1
I am using nokia E50 for which I want make one java application for sending encrypted message as it is part of my project.

well in my project I am using mobile SMS to perform some DBA(DataBase Administrator) operation on database because this project is basically for DBA use, which maintain database and have full access on it.

In case of database the main issue will be this access should be secure so I want to implement some encryption technique.
Is it possible to encryption in j2me application?
I have another option to make some buttons in my application to specific 15-20 task and just specify the parameter to it.
Tell me which way will be convenient ?

As I don't know how to develop application in Netbeans
I have Netbeans IDA 6.9.1
If anybody have small code which will tell me how to create mobile java application
if anyone having small ppt of it then please send me or attach here

thats why I posted my algorithm to ask can it usefull to such project?

Here is small algorithm which I want to implement in this application.

Step 1: Generate the ASCII value of the letter.

Step 2: Generate the corresponding binary value of it.
[Binary value should be 8 digits e.g. for decimal 32 binary number should be 00100000]

Step 3: Reverse the 8 digit’s binary number.

Step 4: Take a 4 digit divisor (>=1000) as a key.

Step 5: Divide the reversed number with the divisor.

Step 6: Store the remainder in first 3 digits quotient in next 5 digits (remainder and quotient wouldn’t be more than 3 digits and 5 digits long respectively. If any of these are less than 3 and 5 digits respectively we need to add required number of 0s (zeros) in the left hand side. So, this would be the cipher text i.e. encrypted text.
Now store the remainder in first 3 digits quotient in next 5

Step 7: SMS is appended by user signature.

Is it possible to do?

Vishal Kolekar
Updated 12-Feb-11 9:15am
Sandeep Mewara 12-Feb-11 6:38am    
Yes. Now start on it and post specific issues please.
Vishal D Kolekar 12-Feb-11 15:17pm    
Is it understandable now ?
reply me

Here is a clue: start with this[^] and when you have an actual programming problem come back and post your question.
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Vishal D Kolekar 12-Feb-11 15:18pm    
well thanx
now check my changed question and tell me what to do?
Richard MacCutchan 13-Feb-11 5:29am    
I already told you. Follow the link I provided above and study the Java documentation for more details on the features you wish to use.
Additionally to Richard's answer, if you split the problem into it's distinct parts it becomes really easy.

0. Entry of a string.
1. Encryption.
2. Sending an SMS.

All three have been done before and so your problem becomes a case of glueing it all together.
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Vishal D Kolekar 12-Feb-11 15:20pm    
well thanx
programming logic is not my problem
my problem is how to create application in J2ME or Wireless toolkit?
if you have any PPT then attach to me

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