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This code adds a new year into the years table. If the same year was inserted before it should show an error message? My code doesn't work and duplicates are inserted into the years table. Where am I going wrong?

Thanks in advance!

//checks for duplicate year
if (txt_add_year.Text != "")
    //gets years list
    DataAccess connection = new DataAccess(); //my ado class collection
    DataTable dt = new DataTable();
    string query = "SELECT * FROM years;";
    dt = connection.from_database(query);

    foreach(DataRow row in dt.Rows)
        //if new year is in database
        if(txt_add_year.Text == row["year_name"])
            //error massage
            MessageBox.Show("سال وارد شده موجود می باشد","خطا",MessageBoxButtons.OK,MessageBoxIcon.Stop);

    //adds new year
    query = "INSERT INTO years(year_name) VALUES('{0}');";
    query = string.Format(query, txt_add_year.Text);


    //gets school list
    query = "SELECT * from school;";
    dt = null;
    dt = connection.from_database(query);

    //gets new year id
    // but in duplication state gets f***ing x year id
    query = "SELECT year_id FROM years;";
    DataTable dt2 = new DataTable();
    dt2 = connection.from_database(query);

    //updates schoolyear table
    //insert new rows into school year so each school has a row for new year
    foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)
        query = "INSERT INTO schoolyear(school_id, year_id)" +
                "VALUES({0}, {1});";
        query = string.Format(query, row["school_id"], dt2.Rows[0]["year_id"]);
    this.Text = "سال جدید ثبت شد";
Updated 13-Feb-11 9:14am

You are comparing the year values using string comparison. This will not work as you expect unless you trim off trailing space from the left and right edges of the strings. Both the string the user entered, and the strings stored in the database.

I would suggest that a better option would be to store the year as an int in the database. Then you can make a more stable comparison that way. You may also consider redesigning your database table so as to not allow insertions of duplicate column values (by making it a unique field).

EDIT: I missed the string to object comparison (see Sandeep's answer). But even if you call ToString, you need to be aware of trimming related errors.
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Sandeep Mewara 13-Feb-11 11:47am    
I disagree and agree.

Actual reason was object comparison and it fails everytime.
Smitha Nishant 13-Feb-11 12:03pm    
Yes, I missed that - thanks. But I will still recommend to the OP to follow the advice in my 2nd paragraph.
Sandeep Mewara 13-Feb-11 12:05pm    
I agreed on that already. :)
[no name] 7-Jul-13 16:20pm    
HI Smitha, thanks for editing my tutorial "Java Thread Tutorial", I appreciate the work, Thanks in advance :D
Did you try to debug at all?

Check this line: if(txt_add_year.Text == row["year_name"])
Do you see anything wrong with it?

You are trying to compare a text with a Row object here. And it *will* fail always as there is a reference check here which would be different. And thus, it would move ahead in the method leading to duplication.

What you need to check is if the values are same or not.

Just make the following change and it should do:
if(txt_add_year.Text == row["year_name"].ToString())
When you do the ToString() call, you are then doing string comparison.
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Espen Harlinn 14-Feb-11 10:13am    
Good answer
Depending on the amount of data in your table you might find it quicker to use something like the following in place of your loop:
string selectString = string.Format("year_name = {0}", txt_add_year.Text);
DataRow[] yearsFound = dt.Select(selectString);
if (yearsFound.Length > 0)
  // the year is already there.
  // it's not there, so add it.
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Sandeep Mewara 14-Feb-11 13:44pm    
Nice one Henry! 5!

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