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Hi All

I am having a stored procedure which has 100 delete statements.
I need to pass the comma separated value in "in clause" of delete to do that? The error occurs like Varchar value cannot be converted to int.And also i don't want the solution to be in sub query.
It should be in a single variable.

DELETE FROM managed_component_logical_storage
WHERE surrogate_disk_subsystem_id
    SELECT surrogate_disk_subsystem_id
    FROM managed_component_physical_storage
    WHERE managed_system_id in (@device_category)

DELETE FROM managed_component_physical_storage  WHERE managed_system_id in (@device_category)

(SELECT ',' + s.Name
FROM HumanResources.Shift s
FOR XML PATH('')),2,200000) AS CSV

This query gives me the result. But I want the same result in a single variable.After replacing the variable in "in clause" it should not throw error.
Any ideas please?
Updated 14-Feb-11 22:18pm

Check out this discussion on Stack Overflow - SQL use comma-separated values with IN clause[^]

It discusses about a possible solution to the same issue.
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To remove the IN clause use a JOIN on the tables.
See here[^].
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