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I want to print the receipt to thermal printer without using OPOS driver.

Please guide me in this case.

Abdul Quader Mamun 16-Feb-11 5:09am
Is it possible without driver?
prashant1111 16-Feb-11 5:43am
Yes, It is possible But I dont know How ?
Albin Abel 16-Feb-11 5:38am
you may use ESC/POS commands also. it would be easier. Some of the thermal printers connected to USB / parallel port can be printed using the .net printing method. No need drivers. I have used ESC/POS for a receipt print connected to COM and print barcode printer connected to USB using normal printing drivers available in .Net
prashant1111 16-Feb-11 5:43am
How to use that command
prashant1111 16-Feb-11 5:52am
YEs AlbinAble you are right. My printer is connected through Port and I want to print using that port. SO what approach I follow to achieve this. But keep in mind that no OPOS driver is installed on the system. I want to print the receipt on that printer.
Marc Gabrie 26-Sep-13 7:16am
You first must determine which Printer Command Language your printer supports as ESC/POS is NOT the only one!!! If you have a Zebra printer, then ZPL or EPL are needed not ESC/POS. Other brands also have their own languages. So first of all, check that and then go ahead.

Hi Create a Generic text printer in the pc (Add new Printer...or google it how to add a generic text printer)

Look at this article how to send raw data to printer.[^]

using this you can send ESC/POS commands to the printer.

For ESC/POS commands reference use this link[^]

or google it for more
1.Create Handle for printer using printer port
Member 10296413 25-Sep-13 6:00am
Hi I need to print a recept in thermal printer connected in USB
public partial class frmBook : Form

       public const Int32 FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL = 128;//Intializing Port Attributes
       public const Int32 INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE = -1;
       public const Int32 GENERIC_READ = -2147483648;
       public const Int32 GENERIC_WRITE = 1073741824;
       public const Int32 CREATE_NEW = 1;
       public const Int32 CREATE_ALWAYS = 2;
       public const Int32 OPEN_EXISTING = 3;

 protected void Print_Ticket(string ticketNo, string seatNo, string Showtime, string Price)

            IntPtr ptr = CreateFile("LPT1", GENERIC_WRITE, 0,
             IntPtr.Zero, OPEN_EXISTING, FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, IntPtr.Zero);

            /* Is bad handle? INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE */
            if (ptr.ToInt32() == -1)
                /* ask the framework to marshall the win32 error code to an exception */

                /////// Print Reciept Print//////
                FileStream lpt = new FileStream(ptr, FileAccess.ReadWrite);
                byte[] LineFeedChar = new byte[] { 13, 10 };
                byte[] BackNormalChar = new byte[] { 27, 33, 0 };
                byte[] CuttingChar = new byte[] { 29, 86, 66 };

                Byte[] buf_TheaterName = new Byte[8048];
                Byte[] buf_Address = new Byte[8048];
                Byte[] buf_Line1 = new Byte[8048];
                Byte[] buf_TicketNo = new Byte[8048];
                Byte[] buf_Date = new Byte[8048];
                Byte[] buf_SeatNo = new Byte[8048];
                Byte[] buf_Showtime = new Byte[8048];
                Byte[] buf_Price = new Byte[8048];
                Byte[] buf_FooterMsg = new Byte[8048];

                StringBuilder strFooter = new StringBuilder();
                lpt.Write(CuttingChar, 0, 3); //
                buf_TheaterName = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("           " + cmbTheatre.Text.ToString() + "             ");
                lpt.Write(buf_TheaterName, 0, buf_TheaterName.Length);
                lpt.Write(LineFeedChar, 0, 2);
                buf_TicketNo = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("Ticket No :".PadLeft(9) + ticketNo.PadLeft(3));//
                lpt.Write(buf_TicketNo, 0, buf_TicketNo.Length);//

                lpt.Write(LineFeedChar, 0, 2);
                buf_Date = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("Date      :".PadLeft(9) + dteBookDate.Text.PadLeft(3));
                lpt.Write(buf_Date, 0, buf_Date.Length);
                lpt.Write(LineFeedChar, 0, 2);

                buf_SeatNo = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("Seat No   :".PadLeft(9) + seatNo.PadLeft(3));
                lpt.Write(buf_SeatNo, 0, buf_SeatNo.Length);
                lpt.Write(LineFeedChar, 0, 2);
                buf_Showtime = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("Show Time :".PadLeft(9) + Showtime.PadLeft(3));
                lpt.Write(buf_Showtime, 0, buf_Showtime.Length);
                lpt.Write(LineFeedChar, 0, 2);
                buf_Price = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("Price     :".PadLeft(9) + Price.PadLeft(3));
                lpt.Write(buf_Price, 0, buf_Price.Length);
                lpt.Write(LineFeedChar, 0, 2);

                buf_FooterMsg = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("              Thank You  Visit Agin      ");
                lpt.Write(buf_FooterMsg, 0, buf_FooterMsg.Length);
                lpt.Write(LineFeedChar, 0, 2);
                lpt.Write(CuttingChar, 0, 3);
                lpt.Write(BackNormalChar, 0, 3);
Member 10626384 25-Oct-19 6:31am
how to break line if Name of some character example New Ice and Hokey now may be
we need to break after ice

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