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1. Write a program that accepts two numbers from the keyboard and prints the following information.

First number? 7
Second number? 2
The second number goes into first Q times
with a remainder of 1.
The quotient is 3

#include <stdio.h>
int main(void)
   int first;
    int second;
    int result;
    int quotient;
    printf("First number?\n");
    printf("Second number?\n");
    result = first / second;
    quotient = first%second;
    printf("The second number goes into first %d\ntimes with a remainder of %d\n");
    printf("The quotient is %d\n");
    return 0;

may i know any place wrong? it cant show out the correct result.
Updated 17-Feb-11 3:06am

1 solution


I love your question. You didn't print the values, so how will it show :laugh:

Last two lines of your code have the solution to your problem (but I will tell you the answer, only if you give me 5 ;P !!)

here you go:

printf("The second number goes into first %d\ntimes with a remainder of %d\n", first, quotient);
printf("The quotient is %d\n", result);

and you are done.
Jayfam 17-Feb-11 8:11am
haha, thx thx give u 5 ;P
im now introduction to programming..newbie..sorry ya :-D
Amit Kumar Tiwari 17-Feb-11 8:13am
where's my 5 man :( My voting meter is still 0
Jayfam 17-Feb-11 8:44am
haha..kk...giv u 5 too^^
Аslam Iqbal 17-Feb-11 9:04am
Whats now Amit? after my 5
Amit Kumar Tiwari 17-Feb-11 12:00pm
Yes Aslam bhai, now my voting meter looks good :D
Million thanks for the 5
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Feb-11 17:09pm
Correct, 5
Amit Kumar Tiwari 18-Feb-11 3:32am
Thanks SA :)

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