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How to use WriteFile() function in QT??

What's your problem exactly ? Did you include windows.h ?
Gokulnath007 18-Feb-11 3:37am
No.. I need that to be platform independent.. so i wont use windows.h.. any header is available in Qt to implement this WriteFile() function in Qt
This site will surely be of some interest to you:[^].

Quote from the site: "This chapter is about files and actions associated with files. It will cover the important parts of Qt's platform independent file and file system classes. After each introduction of the classes some actual code is used to further demonstrate the use of the classes."

Looks promising to me but have a look yourself.

Best Regards,
Gokulnath007 18-Feb-11 5:03am
No man... that doesnt satisfied my requirements.. I just to use QFile file();
In this, i want to pass the HANDLE of the file as input to the file() function.. that s the file name itself..
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 18-Feb-11 6:18am
Sorry but I can't understand your comment. Maybe it would be better if you modified your question to better reflect what your exact requirements are. Give us a code example in your question (Link "Improve question") that reflects what you are trying to do. I also strongly advise you to read the CP documentation on "How to ask a question". Maybe you'll get better resposens if you ask better defined questions.
Harrison H 18-Feb-11 10:11am
Are you asking how to use a FILE* in the wrapper class QFile?

Google "Class Name 4.7" and you'll get their latest documentation. For example, this is what I get.

Looking in that document it is very clear how to use the class.

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