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RDLC report is coming blank and many run time errors are also showing like
1. 'RSClientController' is undefined,
2. 'HoverImageRptExpClaim_Ct01_Ct00_Ct00' is null or not an object,
3. 'HoverImageRptExpClaim_Ct01_Ct00_Ct01' is null or not an object
and many more

It might be Because it is developed in .net framework 2.0 (our development environment where it is working fine) and deployed in 3.5 (our client environment unable to open giving many run time errors).

What need to be done to run it properly?

Please help me out of this... :((
Updated 20-Feb-11 20:12pm
Rod Kemp 19-Feb-11 5:56am
What are the errors you are getting?
Henry Minute 19-Feb-11 6:53am
Putting urgent in your question is likely to stop people from answering.

It may be urgent to you but to us, who do this voluntarily, it is not at all urgent. If the situation has become urgent this simply indicates that you have done insufficient testing or did not do it in a timely fashion.

As Rod has already stated, without knowing what the errors are, it is very difficult to help you.
nirbhaygiri 19-Feb-11 7:47am
sorry for inconvience and writting for urgent.

the error which i was getting is few name of objects i dont recollect the name of it was either null or undefind.
The detail of error i wont be able to give right now because I have saved the detail of
error on client m/c and due to some technical problem unable to bring that file. So not able to give the details.
On monday(21.02.11) only i can provide the detail of error.
nirbhaygiri 20-Feb-11 23:51pm
the error which Im getting is 'RSClientController' is undefined, 'HoverImageRptExpClaim_Ct01_Ct00_Ct00' is null or not an object,'HoverImageRptExpClaim_Ct01_Ct00_Ct01' is null or not an object these type of errors are comming while opening RDLC report. (all errors are run time errors)

1 solution

If my understanding is correct, you have included images in the rdlc. AM I right? If its the case, check the embeded type in the properties for the image. It could be External, Internal or Embed. Select appropriate value and make sure image is available.
And Let me know what is "RSClinetController" in the rdlc? is it a datasource?
nirbhaygiri 2-Mar-11 7:12am
I got the solution
a) Go to IIS
b) Go to the website and select the basic setting
c) In the application pool select the Classic.Net AppPool.
this will solve the above problem.
Member 7680983 24-Mar-11 6:21am
Thanq Its Wrking.....

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