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my problem is how to convert from mph to kmh on ARM assembly language
by multiply by 1.6 but you cant put a number with decimal point so i figure out with a solution

since you cant multiply by 1.6, for example if you have 30mph you want to convert it to kmh


for example if you have 30 mph

30 * 16 = 480 so by subtracting 10 for 48 times until 480 became 0

so the answer is 48 mkh because you need to subtract 48 times to 480 to be 0

plz help me with my code the program compile but it does not do what suppose to do

.global _start

 LDR R0, = COUNT	    @ Load pointer to COUNT array 
 LDR R1, = SPEEDMPH         @ Load pointer to SPEEDMPH array
 LDR R2, = MULT		    @ Load pointer to MULT
 LDR R3, = SPEEDKMH	    @ Load pointer to SPEEDKMH
MOV R4, #30		    @ Copy 30 to R4
STRB R4,[R1]		    @ Store the value of R4 to R1 
MOV R6,#16                  @ Copy 16 to R6
CONVERT: 	LDR R1, = SPEEDMPH   @ Load pointer to COUNT array
			LDR R4,[R1]  @ load what R1 have to R4
			MUL R5,R4,R6  @ multiply 
			LDR R2, = MULT  @ load pointer for MULT
			STRH R5,[R2]    @ store what R5 to R2 
LOOP:		LDR R2,= MULT				
			LDRH R4,[R2]
			SUBS R4,R4, #10
			LDR R0, = COUNT
			LDR R4,[R2]
			ADD R4,R4, #1
			STRB R3,[R0]
			STRH R4,[R2]


COUNT: 		.byte 0x0
SPEEDMPH:	.byte 0x0
MULT:    	.hword 0x0
SPEEDKMH:	.byte 0x0

Updated 20-Feb-11 21:11pm

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