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I designed the Form in the class and saved it in the usb and also followed the proper procedure for removing the usb flash drive. now when i opened the project at home the form is not displaying but when i debug it the form gets debugged though what should i do?? Also the step into function does not go to the coding. i cant see the from but only can debug it in simple words. how can i fixed this or i have to delete everything and do everything again?
because i have to add the coding to do proper functions
Updated 21-Feb-11 11:09am

I reckon you copied the binaries too. And your VS at home may not be liking this. Do a full clean/rebuild of your solution. That may fix the designer issue.
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waqi19 21-Feb-11 17:14pm    
I did that but i cant view my form what i designed and why its not displaying, it only debugs it.
Nish Nishant 21-Feb-11 17:16pm    
In what way is it not displaying? Do you see an error message in the designer?
waqi19 21-Feb-11 17:19pm    
no when i open my save project and open the form from the solution explorer it doesnt show anything its blank white page but when i debug it my created form runs and displays labels text boxes and button
Nish Nishant 21-Feb-11 17:27pm    
Are the two VB Express versions the same (including any service packs)? The one you wrote the code on, and the one at home?
waqi19 21-Feb-11 17:28pm    
yes indeed they are..
There is more important aspect of all that. You should really stop all your programming and figure out how to move your project from machine to machine. Until you know how to do this you can consider all of your programming effort lost.

Couple of hints: you should not know each and every file which is a part of you source code. You should be able to delete everything else and be sure your project builds. You should have a good idea if you source code directory structure. Very important: you should be sure that in your code there is no single absolute path (use global text search with Regex to find out).

Finally, you should start using Revision Control system and be able to check out code in arbitrary directory with the confidence it works there. Before you collect full experience in that, do this check on regular basis.

(Well, I have my own rule related to your work, but you can think it is extremist. Don't worry, I only apply this rule to myself and my team, mention just to give you an idea, here is how it is formulated: development in Basic is prohibited :-) — sorry.)

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Nish Nishant 21-Feb-11 21:40pm    
Good response, SA, take a 5.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 21-Feb-11 22:04pm    
Thank you.

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