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Hi...guys . am now doing my final year project in c#. so am in need to know how the image can be identified & verified. can anyone else help me.....Plz. :(( :((
Albin Abel 22-Feb-11 5:33am    
So it means a captcha? in that case create a random string..create bmp, draw the string and patterns on that bmp's graphics. save the bmp and update the image url to the url path of the saved file location. The random string you may keep in the session cache. On submit veryfy this. If this is the one you want then will give you detailed steps

It depends on whether "the image" was created by Piasso, a Sony Finepix or Norton Ghost.

Please clarify what you are trying to accomplish.
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JF2015 22-Feb-11 5:57am    
Don't know why this was downvoted - have my 5 anyway.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Feb-11 12:44pm    
Because not everyone can get the humor of the answer :-)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Feb-11 12:46pm    
I voted 5, just for LOLs. Brainwash is also userfull.
(Did you misspell "Piasso"? - ps-s...)
Here you mentioned to "load a bitmap image from my form to SQL backup and then retrieve the same image".

You could iterate through all pixels of one image and check if the other image, at identical co-ordinates, returns identical color values.
But I can only guess that at the time you get the image from your database, there is no image on the form to compare with.

Therefore think of creating a checksum (CRC, MD5 or the like) for the image on your form. Store it along with the image in the database.

Then, after retrieving image and checksum from the database, create the checksum again and compare with the one just retrieved.
Identical images should produce identical checksums. Differing images have a very high probability to produce different checksums as well.
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Hope Image Verification Helper Class[^]article from CP might help you.
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