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Hi every one!
I have to genarate a 2d graphic based on x,y axis. I have two vectors with the same size, and I wanna to use then to make the x and y axis.
Can anyone help me? Or show a trick, or page?

I'm using windows platform, and using dev-c++ to write the code, and I'm using to wxDev-C++ (derivate from wxwidgets) to create a GUI.
I also have a code(with 2000 lines), and have a working GUI, so now I wanna to implement my program, and there are a few step to be follow, and one of then is create 2 graphics.
The graphics is in "line format" and I wanna to gerate then from two vectors gerated by the code, the vector have the same size.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Feb-11 11:53am     CRLF
You did not formulate the problem mathematically. What is that, a coordinate transform? --SA
jhonysh 22-Feb-11 11:58am    
No, i wan't to plot a 2d grapich based on two vector in the screen, I'm using the wx-Dev, what genarates a GUI.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Feb-11 13:59pm     CRLF
Please, formulate a problem: "I have a 2D vector space S, and two vectors, A and B. I want to develop a function F: (A, B, S, ...) => what?"... What should it do? --SA
jhonysh 24-Feb-11 6:24am     CRLF
This is the problem: 1. I have two vectors 1d: vector1[0] = 25, vector1[1] = 25.1, ...vector2[0] = 652, vector2[1] = 200, ...2.This vector contains aproximately 5000 terms. 3.I wan't to do a GRAPHIC( x, y) using this vectors, like vector1 is my x axys, and vector2 is my y axys. 4.I wan't to plot this grapich in my program.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Feb-11 13:58pm     CRLF
You still did not define anything. What is that plot? A line, connecting what? What is the problem, anyway? Show you code and explain what's not working with it. --SA

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