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Hello everyone.

I would like help with a simple encode() and decode() function.

I am starting with a byte array, represented as hex, like the following


and would like to encode this byte array into a BASE 10 representation, in little endian byte order.

If I put the above hex into a calc and convert it to decimal, I get the following


Then I would like the decode function to take a string

string input = ("3569869142")

And decode it back into D4C7E156

I know this involves somekind of binary math routine, but I am at a loss.
I would be gratefull for any example code I could work with.

Thank you VERY much


This should work:

static void Main ()
    string input = "D4C7E156";
    string output = Encode(input);
    string originalInput = Decode(output);
    Console.WriteLine(input == originalInput);

private static string Decode(string output)
    Int64 result;
    Int64.TryParse(output, out result);
    return result.ToString("X");

private static string Encode(string input)
    Int64 result;
    Int64.TryParse(input, NumberStyles.HexNumber,
        CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, out result);
    return result.ToString();
That's not an encode or decode: all you are doing is changing the number base.
This has nothing to do with big-endian or little-endian: all you are doing is selecting to output a number in base 10 or 16.

Provided your decimal number does not exceed Int64.MaxInt, all you need to do is
Int64 i = 0;
string dec = "3569869142";
string hex = "Input number conversion failed";
if (Int64.TryParse(dec, out i))
    hex = i.ToString("X");
Sandeep Mewara 24-Feb-11 11:50am
Comment from OP:
Provided your decimal number does not exceed Int64.MaxInt, all you need to do is"

This is the problem, I will need large strings of digits upto 50 decimal long.

I found an encode/decode function before and cant seem to find them, and they used bit math to do what I need.

Also, my bigest problem is inputting a text string of digits into the hex value to be converted.

Thank you


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