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I want to develop one desktop application so i want to see some nice desktop application so i can refer that to develop my application.
Updated 6-Feb-18 3:00am

Based on your comments, it looks like these discussions should help you out:
How to add help to winform c# application.[^]
Adding help icon to WinForms form titlebar[^]
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Feb-11 19:59pm
Good addition after OP follow-up question, my 5.
I have my alternative approach, please see. I know it makes sense.
I have an advice alternative to good Answers by Manas and Sandeep:

As a start of your desktop UI development totally skip System.Windows.Forms and go straight to WPF. As to developing of the help system, this interesting work give you a good idea: Easy help with WPF[^].

Look, most people develop using Forms and ask many questions that I answer, especially on rendering, graphical objects, adding features to controls. With WPF, many of those problems do not exist. Many say, it's too difficult. It depends what you call difficult. I had some young developers in our team who has no idea how to work with Forms; they started from WPF and already made way more of a progress compared to most CodeProject Questions-and-Answer Inquirers…

Espen Harlinn 26-Feb-11 10:24am
My 5, using WPF is a good idea :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Feb-11 11:02am
Thank you.
You already have dozens of them installed on your machine. In fact for a start, you dont need to look beyond Visual Studio and Microsoft Office. They are one of the best desktop application examples :)
Abhinav S 25-Feb-11 6:15am
5. Not a bad answer!
Manas Bhardwaj 25-Feb-11 6:32am
astika 25-Feb-11 6:19am
u are right.but i want to give the help option to my application.
so how i write it.
Manas Bhardwaj 25-Feb-11 6:31am
what exactly do you mean by giving help option?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Feb-11 19:58pm
This answer is good, my 5, but my approach is alternative, please see.
Manas Bhardwaj 26-Feb-11 13:57pm
Downvoted by a platinum member :(. Not sure why....

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