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I want to know that how can we run or debug the query in SQL SERVER management studio. Well I can execute the query but when I click on the run button the error which is displayed is regarding the connectivity and firewall issue.

It shows that unable to run T SQL debug. Cannot connect to the computer local.

Could anybody please help me out in resolving this problem.
Updated 28-Feb-11 12:49pm
Henry Minute 28-Feb-11 18:50pm
If you copy the text of the error and paste it into your favourite search engine, you are more likely to find a solution than you are from the information you have provided here.
udhave jajoo 1-Mar-11 13:20pm
well here I am again writing the whole error message which I am getting while clicking run the query

The Windows Firewall on this machine is currently debugging. Remote debugging requires that the debugger be allowed to receive information from the network. Remote debugging also requires DCOM (TCP Port 135) and IPSEC (UDP 4500/ UDP 500) be unblocked
Gives me three options
o Cancel remote debugging
o Unblock remote debugging from computers on the local network (subnet)
o Unblock remote debugging from any computer

When I select any one option it shows me another error
Could not configure the WINDOWS FIREWALL .Cannot add a port to the Windows Firewall exception list. Use the control panel to manually configure the Windows Firewall.

Please provide me the required guidelines
jbraanen 24-Mar-11 6:29am
I get the same messagebox. It happens if I click "Execute", and there is something wrong with the query. I have the database on the same machine I am developing on.

You must configure Windows Firewall exceptions to enable Transact-SQL debugging when connected to an instance of the Database Engine that is running on a different computer than the Database Engine Query Editor.
Source MSDN[^]
My guess is that you are connecting to a remote server and that Management Studio is unable to debug on anything but a local database. Try debugging against a local database instead.
Please check if you have enough previleges to do that.Your database admin might have set some restrictions.

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