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I have to install and register the following dll files on client location in runtime by using vbscript


I write in the following way,

DIM oShell
Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
iReturn = oShell.Run("what i have to write here")

<object id="CaptureObj" name="CaptureObj" classid="CLSID:3FA859DA-300C-4247-BD33-6011198399C0"  codebase="http://localhost/aspnetvir/ActiveXWebsite/Activex/DPFPDevX.dll">
<param name="LPKPath"" value="Activex.lpk" />

-It works when I use Run() method in the following way

iReturn = oShell.Run("CMD /C regsvr32.exe  ""D:\New folder\ActiveXWebsite\Activex\DPFPDevX.dll""", , True)

But I dont want to use hard code like D:\Newfolder\ActiveXWebsite.......

-How to get a sub folder(Activex) from project root (http://Newfolder(localhost/aspnetvir/ActiveXWebsite)(From my project path)
-How to put dll files in a folder
Updated 1-Mar-11 4:03am

1 solution

If I understand correctly, you need to register ActiveX DLLs from your server to client location.
If it is so, you first need to download the DLLs on client machine in Temp folder (Windows Temp folder) as the vbscript runs on client side. Once you have downloaded the ActiveX files in the Temp folder, you can use the following code to get path of folder:

Dim filesys, demofolder, createdate
Set filesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set demofolder = filesys.GetFolder("foldername")

Hope that helps.

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