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I want to create the template in our web base project and save this template in folder .After User Select The template from folder and create new template . after this send the mail with selected template .

Help me and tell me what is the step to create the template in with C#.

Thanks you
Updated 1-Mar-11 19:42pm
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Mar-11 0:24am
Your question isn't clear at all. Are you asking how you're going to allow the user to design a template for an email? You're probably going to start with a textbox. You're also going to have to allow the user to specify tags to replace with data from your database.

1 solution

Use this control to design the email template: Ajaxtoolkit HTML Editor[^]

Once designed, you can save and use it in future as per need.

P.S.: As stated in comment, you need to make sure that specific tags are put up in template such that it can be used directly emails. Like [To], [From], etc...

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