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Is this possible? I would like to open an input file in one function, operate on the data in another and then pass it back.
Also, how do I set up a program to print the output to a printer?
Thanks. jimbob

FILE *fhandle;
int my_function (FILE *my_file_handle){
fhandle = fopen (argv[1],"w");
my_function (fhandle);

see also[^]
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[no name] 2-Mar-11 15:24pm    
Good answer.
OriginalGriff 3-Mar-11 2:44am    
Short, sweet, and accurate - well done! 5!
Not only this is possible, but in many cases it is good to do so for software reuse and abstraction: you may need to abstract, for example, a set of write operations from file. In this way, you can use the same writing method on different files and combine different writing methods on the same file.

There is not need to "pass in back" though, because you really want to open and close file in the same function.

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