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How to Copy unsigned char* value to unsigned char???
Piccadilly Yum Yum 4-Mar-11 5:35am    
Remember that char* is 32 bit and char is 8 bit, anyway you can use memory copy to split the pointer to four char, if that is what you like ...
Gokulnath007 4-Mar-11 5:47am    
yes.. how it can be done
Andrew Brock 4-Mar-11 7:38am    
char* is an array of characters. char is a single character. Do you want just the first character or do you want to iterate through each character or what?
Gokulnath007 4-Mar-11 7:47am    
yes. Want to iterate .

Are you asking how you do this:
void GetChar(unsigned char *pointer)
   unsigned char uc = *pointer;
Because if you are, I think you need to look at your course notes a little more carefully...
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Gokulnath007 wrote:
yes. Want to iterate.

Well, a pointer is basically an array (rather, an array is basically a pointer).
A string is an array of characters followed by the null character '\0'.
char *str = "hello world";
for (int ch = 0; str[ch] != '\0'; ++ch) { //keep going until we hit the '\0'
    printf("%c\n", str[ch]); //print a single character and jump to the next line
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