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Friends please give a code in C for following question.

C Program to insert and delete nodes in graph using adjacency matrix.

Note: We will enter edges between nodes of graph (undirected) and adjacency matrix will be created and displayed accordingly. On insertion and deletion of nodes edges in adjacency matrix will be updated accordingly.

No idea about this question please help me out.

1 solution

This is the same as your question from 4 days ago.
Question on inserting and deleting nodes and edges of graph[^]
Only difference is, then you gave code. Buggy code, but code.

Remember it? The one you marked "solved"?
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CurrentlyBE 4-Mar-11 9:36am    
Yaa.. i know but that question was for graph nodes deletion and insertion. And this is about the deletion and insertion through adjacency matrix. matrix should be created rather than entered.
And the earlier one is not working in some cases.
OriginalGriff 4-Mar-11 9:40am    
So fix the earlier one before you try moving on. Otherwise you will likely make teh same mistakes, but in a more complicated environment.
And if you want help, as before: show you are trying.
CurrentlyBE 4-Mar-11 9:42am    

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