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I have a table structure as
1 raj hr
1 cat mr

and a another table as
type | description
hr he is hr
mr he is mr

I want to write a sql queries such that to should display data as

id | empname | type1 | desc1 | empname2 | type2 | desc2
1 raj hr he is hr cat mr he is mr

how can I do so.
i had tierd as
SELECT,, dbo.emp1.description, dbo.emp1.types,(select
dbo.emp1.types as types2,dbo.emp1.description as desc2 from emp1)
FROM   dbo.empmst1 INNER JOIN
dbo.emp1 ON dbo.empmst1.types = dbo.emp1.types

but still no result, only an error
Updated 4-Mar-11 8:46am
TweakBird 4-Mar-11 13:54pm    
What you have tried.? any effort?

Tip for you; start your query by joining 2 tables with the column "type".

Check here for an example;
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Try this:
SELECT,, dbo.emp1.description, dbo.emp1.types,
    dbo.emp1.types as types2, dbo.emp1.description as desc2
FROM dbo.empmst1
INNER JOIN dbo.emp1
ON dbo.empmst1.types = dbo.emp1.types

Notice you do not need the inner select as the table is already joined.
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